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Sasha's European Skin Care


We offer some of the best skin care products in Denver - brand names and custom blended cosmetics specially for your face and body skin.
Some of the cosmetic brands and professional skin care products that we offer are:

 South Korean Cosmetics,
Nano -Serums Peptides

and much more...
Ask your skin care therapist to recommend what's best for you skin.


 is a professional line of Body, Hair and SKIN care products developed by CBI Laboratories, Inc. - a leader for over 30 years in the development and manufacturing of performance-driven custom European-style formulations for the professional skincare industry and has a long history of ideation, innovation management and technical development of award-winning products.

The Science of StriVectin: NIA-114 Technology
NIA-114™ is a patented, optimized form of Niacin / Vitamin B3 clinically-proven to strengthen the skin barrier.

At the heart of every formula is proprietary NIA-114 technology that supercharges StriVectin’s clinically proven, award-winning products. Invented by skin scientists during 35 years of research, NIA-114 is scientifically proven to:

· Reinvigorate skin surface for optimal performance.

· Strengthen and nourish the moisture barrier.

· Inhibit the impact of environmental aggressors.

· Intensify the efficacy of other ingredients.

Nano - Serums Peptides 
Nanosomes are 800 times the size of a strand of human hair so they slip beyond the dermal surface with minimal resistance!  This is seen as a breakthrough in skincare applications that now reach further beneath the epidermis to rejuvenate skin function on a deeper cellular level.
Nano - serums developed by research utilizing advanced technology to bring out natural extracts through a Nano-emulsion process to provide revitalization benefits that help to improve the skin condition around your face and neck. These essential natural extracts inhibit skin cell destruction and promote strong, healthy and radiant skin, as well as making wrinkles fade away. The product is suitable for all skin conditions including sensitive skin.

 South Korean Cosmetics
We offer variety of skin care products from some of the best cosmetic brands from South Korea.  

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